Living with Courage

According to Miriam-Webster, courage is: the mental or moral strength to persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.[1] In the Bible, courage is also called “good cheer.” Courage in the Bible is the opposite of fear.

In Mark 6 Jesus came to his disciples walking on the water. The disciples were fearful thinking it was a ghost. As Jesus approached the boat, the Bible says, “Immediately he [Jesus] spoke with them and said, Have courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid’” (Mark 6:50, CSB). Jesus was commanding his disciples not to fear. His command was not to suggest that the storm around them was not a situation in which to be fearful.  In fact, it is not natural for man to be brave and courageous. The reason, however, for Jesus’ command to “Have courage!” was Jesus himself, his nature, and his perfect plans.

God calms the fears of Abram after his battle with the kings of Sodom with these words, “Fear not, [for] I am your shield” (Genesis 15:1, ESV). The angel of God told Mary to have courage to face the trial of being pregnant with Jesus by the Holy Spirit, despite having no husband, “Do not fear…for you have found favor with God” (Luke 1:30, ESV). In each of these incidents, and in the many others in Scripture, the command for courage is the result of understanding the foreknowledge and the sovereignty of God. For his plans and purposes will not be thwarted.

Believers, we can be confident, courageous, and of good cheer because of Christ. When disaster overtake us, we can have courage because we have Christ. When we are given a discouraging diagnosis, we can have courage because we have Christ. When the wind and rain of the many storms we will face in life beat and batter us, we can have courage because we have Christ. Those who have placed their faith and trust in Christ for salvation are to have no fear because “it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom” (Luke 12:32, ESV).


Live courageously believer. For the kingdom belongs to us!


God bless,